Perrin Article Discusses Huntingdon’s Vocation 和 Calling Emphasis



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Perrin Article Discusses Huntingdon’s Vocation 和 Calling Emphasis

阿拉巴马州蒙哥马利市 .— 博士写的一篇文章. 汤姆佩兰, professor of English 和 chair of the 十大菠菜靠谱平台的大学 Department of Language, 文学, 和 Communication 和 published in the July 24 issue of the journal, 基督教学者评论, discusses 十大菠菜靠谱平台的大学’s approach to teaching 和 helping students answer questions of vocation 和 calling. 这篇文章假设, although students tend to believe that discerning their vocational calling is a mysterious process akin to a gradual unveiling of messages from God, 也有理性的, thought-based ways of learning what one is called to do as a profession or vocation, 和 that learning 和 practicing critical 思考 also changes the dimensions within which students can explore their relationship with God. Dr. Perrin recently stepped down as chief academic officer to return to the classroom, 而是他作为CAO的角色, prior to which he served as associate dean for academic affairs, he was instrumental in leading the creation of Huntingdon’s vocation 和 calling courses 和 curricula.

在这篇文章中. Perrin explains that Huntingdon’s approach to teaching calling 和 vocation, 作为一个教会相关的, 文理学院, relies on students weighing evidence from both thought 和 feeling. “辨别一个职业不需要是神秘的, 但这确实需要策略, 它本质上是对话的, 这需要时间,博士写道。. 文章中的Perrin. “… [Our students’] 思考 about vocation mirrors their 思考 about their relationship with God in that they conceive of both as fundamentally mysterious. Students come into the college convinced that vocation is a matter of feeling only. Our aim with the programming we offer is to help them develop strategies, 不仅仅是为了照顾他们 感情 关于他们的职业,而是 思考 也是关于他们的.”

Huntingdon’s vocation 和 calling courses 和 activities begin with a one credit course in the freshman year, followed by courses 和 experiences in the sophomore 和 junior years. The coursework 和 outside study marry the concepts of vocation 和 ethics, encouraging students to regard their work or avocation as a means of bettering society. Students graduate having considered the fundamental questions of “who am I” 和 “what matters to me,” in addition to contemplating what matters in achieving a better, 一个充满正义的社会.

“Huntingdon’s model for vocational calling 和 discernment has been praised widely in higher education circles 和 by members of the review committee for our accreditation agency, the Southern Association of Colleges 和 Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC),十大菠菜靠谱平台总裁J. 卡梅伦西. “I believe one of the reasons we have received such acclaim is that we look carefully at student evaluations 和 listen to student 和 instructor comments, constantly tweaking the program to make it as strong 和 relevant to the student experience as it can be.”

这篇文章, “The Taylor Paper: God 和 Vocation in Christian Higher Education,,可在网上访问 .

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